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How do I add a form or questionnaire?

It's very straightforward to add forms and questionnaires to your Linktree with the following steps. 

Using Linktree for questionnaires, forms and surveys

You might want to use your Linktree to drive your audience to complete a survey or to capture information and data. To do this, you’ll need to create the survey on another platform first. 

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Google Forms, JotForm, Wufoo and Typeform all have free, easy to use and secure ways to create questionnaires and forms.

Adding a survey to Linktree

Once you have built and published your survey, it will have its own URL. You’ll need to copy this URL and paste it into your Linktree. 

When you’ve logged into your Linktree, hit ‘Add New Button/Link’ and then paste this URL into the box that comes up. Type a title, such as “Complete the survey” and if the URL has been posted correctly, the link will appear on your Linktree, as shown in the live preview.

You can turn the link on and off by hitting the green toggle button that’s on the top right of each link. You can delete the link by hitting the trash can button that’s button right on each link. 

Where do survey responses go?

When a follower completes your survey or form, their answers will go directly into the platform you set the survey up on. For example if you’re using Google Forms, the only place you’ll find the answers, and the only place the answers are stored, is in Google Forms. 

Linktree does not store or ‘view’ any responses to surveys, forms or questionnaires. As soon as your respondent clicks the survey link, they’re outside of Linktree. 

Collected answers are stored in the cloud of whichever form platform you are using. If you cannot locate your survey responses, you will need to contact support on the platform you’ve created the survey with. 

If you have any questions, please contact our customer support team via this form, or emailing

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